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Monthly Club Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month.
Our Next Club Meeting: Friday,
 January 6- 6:15pm - RC Bar Annex
2017 Tournament Schedule
Revised Dec 15
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January 22 Regular Net
February 29 Regular Net
March 19 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club)
April 23 Regular Net-
(+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
May 21 Regular Net
June 11 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
July 16 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
August 12/13 (+)Club Championship
August 13 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
(+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
September 17 (+)Presidents (A) & (B)
October 22 (+)Skin Competition
November 19 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
December 17 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2017 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2017 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
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More Tournament Schedule Info
2016 Tournament Schedule
Revised March 14
January 24 Regular Net- Cancelled
February 21 Regular Net
March 13 Regular Net- Cancelled
April 17 Regular Net-
(+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
May 22 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club)
June 26 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
July 17 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
(+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
August 13/14 (+)Club Championship
August 14 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
September 18 (+)Presidents (A) & (B)
October 23 (+)Skin Competition
November 20 (+)TC Surprise (G,W, &Blue)
December 18 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
+ = Additional Event
A = 2016 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2016 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
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lease update
Lease information last updated: March 18
Accepting Memberships:
Our Club is composed of men and women who love the game of golf in a fun and relaxing environment. WPGC has been a part of this golf course since its creation in 1967.
All skill levels are welcome!

For a little over $100 a year you get:
- An official GHIN Handicap.
- A chance to play in our Monthly Tournaments (entry fee required).
- Recieve Individual Awards every tournament, matching similar skill levels.
- Membership in the Northern California Golf Association.
- Discounted Green Fees at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge
and more…

Join the fun become a member- Sign Up Today - WebForm or PDF

Monthly News and Highlights…January 2017
President's Report

Hello Members,
Happy New Year to you all. I hope the holiday season made all your wishs come true!

Still no real news regarding the golf course lease. The EBRPD staff and Touchstone Golf are still negotiating. As I said last year, I wouldn't be surprised if Touchstone's June signing becomes closer to January. And here we are in January!

I have some Meadows news but I want to get the complete breakdown before reporting on it. Changes are coming in April!

Our Membership Chair (and his faithful minions, see below) is telling us that we are well below last year's membership. I am hoping this is just an oversite or procrastination from our membership. Or maybe is it just a continuation of the weirdness that was 2016! Whichever the case, NOW is the time to get your membership dues in (a link to the entry is above).

2017 Membership Drive
The club's 2017 membership renewal period is underway. The fee is the same as last year. $119 if you are a club member this year, new membership is $125. Your early renewal helps your board with budgetting for the upcoming year. We look forward to seeing you on the course next year. Why not invite a friend too!

2017 Tournament Calendar Import:
I created a file (2017_wpgc_events.ics) [revised 12/17] that you can download & use to import our Tournament Dates into most calendar programs. To import it, do an internet search such as "import .ics into....(iphone, Android or Google Calendar)" to find directions for your calendar program. Standard warning...use at your own risk.

Please still make payment to "WPGC/WPMC"
Your Board and our Treasurer have asked me to remind you that while the course has a new name, our club does not. Please continue to make your checks out to "WPMC". The board will be discussing a name change at the next several meetings to address some issues with changing the name. We will keep you informed of the progress and send out official notice if and when the name change occurs.

2017 Membership: 75 Members / Goal 150
We are still looking for more members, so please pass the word. Membership forms are available on the website, above the computer in the Pro Shop and on the Bulletin Board on the wall in the Bar annex.

Steve Falzone, President

Tournament Chair Report
Well the 2016 tournament season is officially over. We played 9 of the 12 scheduled events with 3 getting rained out. It’s been awhile since we’ve had rainouts so I was a little out of practice as I usually am able to schedule the tournaments for the weekends were there will be no rain. I’ll work on it for 2017.

The December tournament is concluded and we finally got our Gold, White and Blue format. Thank you all for your patience and understanding waiting out the frost delay. I have a feeling that the fact that everyone who finished would be a winner and additionally receive a free lunch may have played a part in the decision to wait out the frost delay but knowing all of you as I do I’m sure your decision to stay was mainly due to your loyalty and commitment to the club.

Speaking of Frost delays we may now be able to have a shotgun start once play in resumed. This option was not available under the old ownership but seems to be the 1st option with the new owners. December was our first attempt and as with most first attempts at something new there were some problems which were noted and will be corrected. In the future we hope the shot gun start option will be available to get as many groups started at the same time as possible. Make sure you check with me before leaving the course during a frost delay. I may have updated information as to when the expected start will be and how we will proceed when it does. I will not leave so I’ll be in the Pro Shop or the Bar if not walking around the driving range area.

Until further notice we will abide by the stakes posted throughout the course. I have done the evaluation that last 2 tournaments and while some could certainly be deemed questionable they appear to provide no unfair advantages or disadvantages to any level or groups of players. The feedback from some of you indicates you saw no issues with abiding by the stakes so we will go forward in 2017 with the stakes determining play. If you run across any issues or problems please let me know so we can review the situation and make any adjustments if needed.

Our 2017 membership drive is going slow as we are currently at 75 which is well below the count for this time last year. There are still almost 40 of you who still have not renewed your membership for 2017. I’m hoping this is just an oversite during the holiday season and you will be mailing in your membership soon. Please keep in mind that near the end of December the club is required to deactivate anyone who is not on the clubs active membership roster for 2017. With the end of the year on a Saturday we are looking to start the deactivation process on Friday December 30. Those received after will of course be easily reactivated right away but we hope to get all of you on board before the deactivation process takes place. We look forward to having all of you on board for 2017 so get those memberships in as soon as possible.

Membership forms are on the web site and located throughout the course.
Renewals - $115
New Memberships - $125
Associate Membership - $65 Full benefits but restricted to 2 tournaments during the year.

50-50 raffle winner: No raffle this month

Your TC,
Tony Paniagua

Tournament Entry form Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2600, Castro Valley CA. 94546
Tournament checks should be made payable to: WPMC

Email contact address - GOLF4TCTONY@GMAIL.COM

DO NOT POST your Willow Park Tournament round. I will post all scores from our tournaments. If you post it by mistake please let me know so I can delete the duplicate.

Upcoming Tournament: January 2017
When: January 22, 2017
Deadline: January 11, 2017
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: None

Upcoming Tournament: February 2017
When: February 19, 2017
Deadline: February 8, 2017
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: None

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