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2016 Tournament Schedule
Revised March 14
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January 24 Regular Net- Cancelled
February 21 Regular Net
March 13 Regular Net- Cancelled
April 17 Regular Net-
(+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
May 22 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club)
June 26 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
July 17 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
(+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
August 13/14 (+)Club Championship
August 14 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
September 18 (+)Presidents (A) & (B)
October 23 (+)Skin Competition
November 20 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
December 18 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2016 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2016 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
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lease update
Lease information last updated: March 18
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Our Club is composed of men and women who love the game of golf in a fun and relaxing environment. WPGC has been a part of this golf course since its creation in 1967.
All skill levels are welcome!

For a little over $100 a year you get:
- An official GHIN Handicap.
- A chance to play in our Monthly Tournaments (entry fee required).
- Recieve Individual Awards every tournament, matching similar skill levels.
- Membership in the Northern California Golf Association.
- Discounted Green Fees at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge
and more…

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Monthly News and Highlights…March 2016
President's Report

Hello Members,

Some good news on the golf course lease front. The EBRPD “operations committee” has voted to recommend Touchstone golf as the lessee to the full board.

It is an interesting process. Here is how it goes (as I understand it), the Staff recommend a lessee the Operations committee which then recommends it to the full board. Which I believe will be at the full boards March 15 meeting. Really what they are approving is to allow Staff to move forward to the next step, lease negotiations. Once a lease has been negotiated between EBRPD and Touchstone, it again goes before the Operations committee and the full board for their approval. That is what I know so far.

Course is looking pretty good. We didn’t get a lot of rain in February but March could be starting with a bit of a punch.

Our TC created a survey to gauge your interest in an Away Tournament this year. I believe he has some comments regarding it below.

I wanted to throw my two cents in regarding tournament slow play. I know this is something our TC is always discussing in his monthly article but I wanted to let you know that this is the #1 complaint your board hears regarding tournaments. In this last tournament (February) there were two groups that were 2 holes behind the group in front of them. They held up the whole tournament! We all know that following behind can easily happen (two shots OP and that ball you can’t fine) BUT when you see that your group is behind PLEASE make every effort to shrink the gap and catch up with the group in front of you. I am sure Tony will have more to say regarding this below.

I created a file (2016_wpgc_events.ics) [revised 3/17] that you can use to import our Tournament Dates into most calendar programs. To import it, do an internet search such at "import .ics into....(iphone, android or Google Calendar)" to find directions for your calendar program.
Standard warning...use at own risk.

Please still make payment to "WPGC/WPMC"
Your Board and our Treasurer have asked me to remind you that while the course has a new name, our club does not. Please continue to make your checks out to "WPMC". The board will be discussing a name change at the next several meetings to address some issues with changing the name. We will keep you informed of the progress and send out official notice if and when the name change occurs.

2016 Membership: 98 Members / Goal 150
We are still looking for more so please pass the word. Membership forms are available on the website, above the computer in the Pro Shop and on the Bulletin Board on the wall in the Bar annex.

Steve Falzone, President

Tournament Chair Report

Ok the season has officially started. Our first tournament is in the books. Other than the rough being thicker than usual all seemed to go well. There were some interesting pin locations which contrary to what some of you think I had nothing to do with. Overall I thought the course was in pretty good shape.

Hopefully all of you know by now I changed the date of our March tournament to March 13. The deadline for your entry is now March 2. The course was scheduled to aerate the greens on March 21-22. Knowing this I scheduled our tournament on March 20 the day before the aeration was to start. I was notified by the course that something has come up and they had to move the aeration to March 14-15. We were given the opportunity to move to the 13th or stay with the 20th and play on recently aerated greens. I decided the best option was to move the tournament to March 13. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause but I thought it important to avoid recently aerated greens whenever possible. Please note the change and get your entries in on or near the deadline.

For those of you who may not know the NCGA rerated the Men’s tee areas. There were no changes at this time for the Women’s tee areas. Here are the new numbers for the Men’s Tee areas. The Blue tee is a par 71, Rating is 68.0, Slope is 116 and the yardage is 5,801. The White tee is a Par 69, Rating is 66.4, Slope is 112 and the yardage is 5,429. The Gold tee is a Par 68, Rating is 65.3, Slope is 111 and the yardage is 5,188. As you can see the changes are dramatic especially in the Par. In the eyes of the NCGA some of the Par 5’s do not meet the distance criteria for being a par 5 so in their eyes they are par 4’s. However as you know the Par is just a number. The true important numbers on any golf course is the Rating which is used to determine your index and the difficulty of the course and the Slope which is used to convert your index to a course handicap. The Management of the course is looking into ways to length several holes but as you might suspect it is not high on their priority list at this time.

Once again there was some slow play out there. There were several groups that fell behind the group in front of them but there was one group who were consistently 2-3 holes behind the group in front of them. The slow group for February was Joe Johnson, Rick Bierman, Mike Goodman and Dan Stevens.

I will be setting up something to monitor groups coming off the 18th hole. Please keep in mind that I will be making observations and gathering information during the tournament. If upon leaving the 18th hole your group is well behind the group in front you, all the players in the group will be accessed a 2 stoke penalty. There will not be a warning given. If you let groups play through that will not count against you so if you fall behind and stack up the groups behind you I suggest you might think about letting them play through. If you feel the penalty is not justified you will have the chance to plead your case and present compelling reasons for your slow play.

The following have a tournament credit on the books and have indicated they wish to play in March and will be added to the player count. Joe Attinello, Charles Bigelow, Jim Derdevanis, Rob Desanto, Chet Grywczynski, Dwane Harrelson, Jill Keene, Dennis Klein, Lori Montgomery, Gary Thomas, Wen Tung, Paul Vittoria, Tom Walker and Tracy Watts. Neal Groch and Mark Hemenez has indicated they are not able to play in March. I would appreciate a reminder email from both or you as to which month they would like to play. I still need to hear from Bill Martin on his plans for future play. If there are changes to the above please let me know by the March 2 deadline.

The survey results are in. I would like to thank all of you who replied to it. It appears there is enough interest in having an away tournament this year so I will move forward and see if I can put together. I’m not sure what if anything I can get as we are well into the year but will try a few courses and see what’s available. I will have a broadcast email message sent out as soon as information becomes available.

I mentioned last month I now have “Tournament Index”. I decided to no apply it to our first tournament but will now bring it into play for our upcoming tournaments. Don’t be surprised if your handicap appears to be a bit lower than you thought it would be.

Recap: The tournament index is based on your scores from the tournaments you played in a rolling 12 month period. What is calculated will be a contributing factor into what handicap you will be assigned for each month’s tournament. While you won’t necessarily play using your “Tournament Index” the difference if great enough may result in your NCGA index being lowered based upon a formula for the resulting differential. Other clubs are starting to do something along these lines and the NCGA recommends it as well.

The Golf Club would like to thank all of you who have participated in the 50-50 raffle. As you know the club split is used for club activities including the tournament prize fund. There will be an enhancement to the raffle ticket purchase starting in March. If everyone in your group buys at least 1 ticket then 1 additional ticket will be entered with the name of your group. Should that ticket be drawn then the Group will be declared the winner and awarded the split of the pot. It doesn’t matter if your group had 3 or 4 players or the number of tickets that were purchased by each player. The only thing that matters to qualify for the “Group” ticket is that all the players in your group purchased at least 1 ticket.

50-50 raffle winner: Robin Paniagua

Your TC,
Tony Paniagua

Tournament Entry form Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2600, Castro Valley CA. 94546
Email contact address - GOLF4TCTONY@GMAIL.COM

DO NOT POST your Willow Park Tournament round. I will post all scores from our tournaments. If you post it by mistake please let me know so I can delete the duplicate.

Next Tournaments
March 2016
When: March 13, 2016
Deadline: March 2, 2016
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: 1st round qualifier for the October Skins Competition

April 2016
When: April 17, 2016
Deadline: April 6, 2016
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: 2 person Team 6-6-6 net event

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